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TV Week In Review is usually posted on Saturday so I apologize for being late, but here it is:

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – City On Fire

Lynette: Just so you know, I fight back.

Susan does the most normal things and is so corny…yet it is always funny! The moment that I feel that her silly self and clumsiness is played out, she does something that is so incredibly funny. Gabrielle is a very smart person, so even when she does let money lead her decisions, she at least knows that the consequences are coming. She is trying to get away from Virginia, she really is…so I hope that this storyline is not drawn out. It was entertaining but only for a moment. Let’s get Virginia out of the picture in the next few episodes. I had enough of her after she tried to have a say in the way that Gabby raises her children.

Bree was hilarious, spooing off compliments in exchange for the perfect day for show and tell. Lucky for her, she was honest with the reporter in the end, actually giving herself a positive angle for the feature. Lynette is such a tough woman, that is really why I am drawn to her. As problematic as her life is, she is always so strong through it all (even without her realizing it for herself). It was no surprise that Dave started the fire. I really liked the editing for the buildup to the fire and during the fire. What I love about the conclusion is the quote Mary Alice said…“no one ever doubts a hero.” That really makes a person wonder.

Terminator: SCC – Complications

Cameron: I wouldn’t be worth much if I couldn’t feel.

So the first laugh came when John told Cameron to shut up because she thought Sarah was pregnant. Got to love terminators. I do not think that Cromartie is dead. If that really was the “big death” of the season, that is pretty weak. As much as I would like to see Cromartie gone, I just cannot accept that as the big death us SCC fans have been wondering about happening this season. It was refreshing to be enlightened by Cameron about terminator feelings. That small moment explained so much.

It was very heart wrenching to see Cameron pass of the turtle to Cromartie in her nightmare, if you catch the symbolism. It was very interesting that Cameron said that terminators were not built to be cruel. That should bring up an interesting debate among SCC fans. That was so horrible to see Cameron choking James. John gave a lighthearted “sorry” although I really am wondering if James is at all involved in Cromartie’s missing body.

I would like to think that he is not at fault but only time will tell. I really enjoyed the unraveling of the back story for Derek. The chemistry between Derek and Jesse I would love to see, but I just do not see it the way I feel like I should. That might be because I do not see the significance in her character or the way that it is portrayed…I do not know but something is just off to me. The ending lets us know that Sarah is getting closer to figuring out…something lol but the question is not so much about what she is finding out but how long it will take for her to tell John. I do not think Sarah knows the difference between being protective and being secretive.

Chuck – Chuck vs. The Fat Lady

Sarah: You want to pay me back? Don’t hurt him again.

I feel bad for Chuck being gullible enough to fall for his ex who dumped him in the first place. The conversation that Sarah and Chuck had about Chuck’s relationships/privacy, you could tell there was a serious concern under the humor. That is what I love about this show, it is so humorous that sometimes you do not even realize you are being hit with such a weight. You never stop laughing when watching this show! So far in this episode, Jill has heard or seen things in a perspective that leads her to think Chuck is seriously with Sarah.

As unfortunate as that is for a girlfriend, because I know that Jill is the enemy, it is just plain funny. Casey breaking out the high C note was one of the main comedic highlights of this episode! I am so glad what was thought to have been a bomb was not a bomb because I am tired of bombs on this show. I really look forward to endings of episodes because I am not the best at writing endings myself (for many reasons) and even though this ending in a way has been portrayed before on TV & in films, it was still exciting and makes me anticipate next week’s episode.

One Tree Hill – We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

Nathan: I was wondering if maybe you might want to step out with me sometime?
Haley: Well why don’t you stop wondering and ask me sometime?

The thunderstorm to introduce this episode was perfect. A 1940’s theme for Lucas’ dream was a nice turn for this episode. Why does it not surprise me that Lucas would have a 1940’s themed dream? When Dan mentioned Karen’s café I was so sad. I miss Karen! I love Haley’s accent for this episode. Dan kissing Haley was such an unexpected moment and I yelled “Whoa!” when I saw that. It totally caught me off guard. Mouth totally belongs in the 1940’s! I did not buy Peyton in this time period and I also did not buy how Peyton and Dan were connected. That was just too odd. Why did the makeup department go so heavy on Chad? Although the timeline was fast for Haley & Nathan as far as falling in love, I enjoyed their storyline the most. If Peyton dies in Lucas’ dream and he says that she is free afterwards, I wonder that means for him in real life. Yikes, did you see what happened at the end? I hope Peyton will be okay. I am sure she will but I am just a bit worried. As much as this episode was great, I hope that next week is not a dream or anything and we can get back to real life. The very last song that played has been in my head ever since the episode went off and I really want it on iTunes if it is not already on there!

Heroes – Ch 9: It’s Coming

Elle: I only saved you so we could use you…like a lab rat.

It was only a matter of time before Linderman got to Hiro and affected his mind. While it is pretty funny that Hiro thinks that he is 10 years old, it is also very upsetting because he has to save the world! He either has to become a really mature 10 year old, or what was done to him has to be reversed as soon as possible. I am so excited that the comic book is leading the way again for Hiro & Ando’s path. Their storyline seems to be inching back on the right track. I really loved how crazy Elle looked in the introduction and the special effects when she hit Sylar with her powers. The special effects are killer.

The scene where Sylar learns how to take people’s powers without killing them, the tear streaming down his face when he takes Elle’s powers is such a captivating moment. It was such a Heroes moment. I loved it. I am glad that Elle and Sylar put their differences aside. I just have one question…is this basically Peter’s power? I hate to be saying this but Hayden’s acting has seemed to be pretty unbelievable (literally I am talking, not in the good way) the past few episodes. Especially when she is trying to act tough. I am thinking to myself, “Am I supposed to buy that?” Her hair has also looked really weird too. I do not like Tracy in this episode. Maybe it is because she did not use her powers or she was interacting with Linderman. I do not know, she was unexciting.

I loved that Matt used his powers to get inside Angela’s head and I imagine that he will help Daphne escape Linderman. As for Mohinder…I liked him before he injected himself and since he has done that I just have not been able to stand him. Also, I miss Micah and Molly! Bring Micah and Molly back! I can tell the show is trying to get back on the right track but it just seems like getting there is a bit slow. Let’s see how next week turns out. I hope that all of this buildup to the eclipse is worth it.

Samantha Who? – The Ex

Andrea: Oh that‘s so weird, I was just about to fake a phone call.

Sam is caught in a situation that many people have where the best friend is the ex. The idea of having a dinner to meet the exes is so entertaining. The twist was even better! I cannot believe that Owen’s best friend, Willow was hit on by Todd at his art class when she was the model.

Fortunately in the end, Sam set that aside and it looks like she and Owen are going to be fine for awhile. Andrea trying to get with Tony is so funny because she doesn‘t even want him, she just wants the fame that goes with being with him. Dena making a mix of sexy music really brought the laughs! She brings more funny than Sam sometimes. The pictures she took of Andrea made me laugh so loud! This episode was more entertaining than the past few episodes. I enjoyed every bit of it!

90210 – That Which We Destroy

Dixon: Without your genes, Sean is just a total stranger.

Naomi and Annie’s reaction to their half brother asking if they were sisters was spot on. As entertaining as Tabitha is, her time is pretty much up as far as being an interesting character. The audience could see the conflict in Dixon’s face when the family is getting to know Sean. What is Tracy’s deal? Is she kidding herself? Does she really think that they are one happy family? Kelly really played out the role of a counselor in this episode. It was quite comical. Elisabeth Harnois made an appearance on this episode, so that was nice to see. I know her best from One Tree Hill. Although her character and the group of friends Naomi was supposed to impress…Naomi looked older than them so that was not believable.

Also, I was not pleased with the way too obvious promotion for T-Mobile. There are less obvious ways to show your show sponsor. I understand the vibe Annie is trying to give off as far as making fun of Naomi although the way it is coming across is forced or too obvious and random as in too sudden.

Later in the episode she talks about how she has changed so much and she wants to go back to how she was. What is the timeline here? She must have changed overnight because it all seemed just too sudden. Did you see how Tracy acted at the dinner? What is wrong with her? Other than the conflict of Dixon being black in a white family, can the writers create other conflict for him because he is very boring aside from that conflict and his relationship with Silver.

By the way, a cheerleader getting in the way of Silver & Dixon’s relationship is not an original or interesting conflict. Of course I love the Brenda and Kelly storyline. What’s up with that phone call that Sean made at the end? Just when I thought he was not going to bring any problems into the picture (other than obviously being in the picture in the first place) he goes and makes this mysterious phone call. I think that is the only barely interesting thing that happened in this episode. The show is losing my interest now. I feel like because it is 90210 I am obliged to watch it. That sounds ridiculous but that is how I have been feeling although lately that feeling is not so strong. Perhaps that is because the show is starting to bore me. Only time will tell if I continue to watch.

House – Emancipation

13: Idiocy is what’s killing her.
House: And since we can’t cure that, I’m going home.

It took me awhile to get over the fact that a 16 year old was a factory manager. Once the team gets on her case, finding a bong at her place does not help the situation. I do not think that she has done drugs, she seems like a very responsible person but that does not prove anything (based on other stories shown on House). Having a parent who does not believe you when you tell them that the other parent raped you is probably one of the most horrible experiences someone can go through, so it would be horrible if she was lying about this, that is just low.

Then, “Sofia” lying to the doctors about where her dead or alive parents are at such a scarce time for her is ludicrous. Finally, once she reveals the truth, it all makes sense why she thinks that her parents would not want to save her but she needs to realize that parents are parents no matter what. Parents equal everlasting love and she should have known that from the start. Once the parents came, the lady who played the mother was not that great of an actress it seemed. She did not convince me one bit to cry for her. Going to the other story, “uncontrollable giggling” coming out of Foreman’s mouth was pretty funny.

For the issue to simply be an iron overdose was refreshing since there is already such a heavy story headlining this episode. The older brother trying to make his younger brother more strong was the most sweetest and yet very harmful thing. Whoever the boy is who played the older brother played this role so well. He seems like he will have a great future with acting. Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode. It was not one of the best this season, but still very enjoyable.

Privileged – All About Overcompensating

Sage: You go start the campfire and well catch up.

The dress that Megan is wearing in the introduction is gorgeous. The moment that I saw Rose’s grade on the test, I thought that this would not bring anything positive for Megan. Laurel breaking down the emotional wall and telling Megan her story was a bit unexpected so soon but I was grateful for it. I was also very pleased that Laurel is so open about Megan writing her biography now. If Sage is trying to be a good sister than why is she so happy that Rose is “stepping to the dark side” and then trying to guide her about it? Sage is all sorts of an emotional mess…more than Rose I think. When Rose told Sage to stay out of her problems, I was thinking, “You go Rose!”

When Charlie told Megan that she was the kind of girls that guys fall in love with, that was so sweet. Megan is so blind to his feelings for her it makes me so sad. The way that Sage helped Rose cheat for the test…it was such a great sister moment. I love how this show really shows the true connection between siblings. It is so heartwarming to see Laurel and Megan’s relationship getting better. Shout out to Erin McCarley, who’s song (Love, Save The Empty) I love and was so happy to hear at the end of this episode. The ending of this episode was great and I can’t wait to see what Megan does and how the girls react.

Pushing Daisies – Oh Oh Oh It’s Magic

Emerson: A magic show?! Where did I put that rat’s ass I could give?

When I was younger, I had a phase where I loved magic. Needless to say, I still enjoyed this episode a lot even though magic and murder in the same sentence is very cliché. Especially since every other line was a comedic moment. The rat in the magician’s mouth, I could have gone without. It was funny and sad to see Chuck call her mom in numerous accents. I was so happy that Chuck was not at the Pie Hole when Vivienne was on her “date” there.

I was holding my breath, hoping that the magic show mystery would not be solved quickly, enabling Chuck to come back sooner. The nail that was all the way up the magician’s nose was disgusting! This episode was full of not only laughs but many squeamish moments. Of course the ending where Chuck connects with her mother, that was pretty touching. Chuck’s grave being opened and found to be empty is not good! This will be a major conflict I am assuming for the next episode and I look forward to it. There really is nothing else that stood out. Overall, this was a good episode.

Ugly Betty – When Betty Met YETI

Mark: Really, what’s it called, “Clashing Patterns Digest?”

Amanda once again opens up the show bringing the audience laughs. It was nice to see Betty venturing outside of Mode for YETI. I was rooting Betty on the moment we found out she had to make a magazine in 2 days. Later on Mark said he had been working on the assignment for 3 months, so why was he still picking out clothes 2 days before? That seemed a bit out of character for Mark. I think that if he really wanted it, he would have already had his magazine done, outfits together, and would be bragging about it by then.

I love the shout out to “In The Heights!” I want Justin to have friends! Stop having Justin meet people who don‘t end up being a real friend! Give him at least one person who is a good friend! As much as Daniel cares about Betty, he sure seemed to not care at all (update: until the very end). Yes! That is the Daniel I know and love! A 6 page recommendation letter, with that being the short version…wow. I love Betty’s idea for B magazine and I really loved the cover. I can relate to the “filling the quota” and of course so many others can, so it was interesting and I am glad to see that play out on TV.

I was extremely taken aback by the old version of Betty. It was disturbing but it was so incredibly funny at the same time. I had to watch the entire ending of the show again because after Mark got the Madonna tickets after saying he didn’t have advantages as a gay man in the fashion industry, I cracked up laughing and could not hear the rest of the show. I totally loved the ending of this episode! I think it was my favorite ending of an episode this season.

The Office – Frame Toby

Dwight: I framed a raccoon for opening a Christmas present.

Michael screaming in the cold open was hilarious! Michael is so incredibly disturbed by Toby, it is insane and never disappoints the audience as far as laughs. What a comedic moment it was to find out that people only answered Michael’s texts if he wrote 911! I was accepting of the house that Jim bought until it came to the creepy clown picture on the wall. Who has a picture of a clown on their wall? The note that Pam left on the microwave reminded me of myself. Michael is ridiculous. I love him! I love the faces that were made when he was comparing Toby to Neve Campbell in Scream 2.

Coming back from break, when Dwight says that it is a good day…he is wearing his mustard shirt…he says it like it is a new shirt! So funny! It was fun to see Gene Stupnitsky in this episode! Seeing how Ryan reacts to people now after being a top dog and then coming back to Scranton is hilarious. I loved it when Creed got up all uncomfortable when the cops came in! That moment was one of the best in this episode! It looked like Steve wanted to laugh before he called Toby a jerk, after the cops left. Turning the garage into an art studio was a great move for Jim since he bought the house without asking Pam. What was up with Dwight’s story at the end? He is so…the words to describe Dwight…..hmm….

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Nightman Cometh

Charlie: I will smack your face off of your face.

Charlie writing a musical is one of the funniest things that I can think of him doing. It is so unexpected from him and yet it feels like he should have done this sooner. It was so good to see Artemis! Charlie yelling at Sweet Dee during rehearsal was quite funny. The choreography was the most hilarious choreography ever. Sweet Dee singing about not really being the character that she is playing and telling guys that she was single was hysterical. Charlie in his director’s outfit, talking to the camera like he was in a documentary was the funniest thing in this episode. The “finale” was a hot mess. I loved every moment of this episode, especially Charlie singing at the end.

Lipstick Jungle – Ch 16: Guess Who‘s Not Coming To Dinner

Victory: I don’t really have very much because I’ve just been baking and sketching.

Victory trying to pass on Thanksgiving is ridiculous. She is so much better than that. Megan just dropping by during the holiday season expecting Nico to watch her baby (or raise her baby altogether) is even more ridiculous. The only reason that Nico did not say no straight out is because she wants a good relationship with Megan. Kirby & Nico trying to take care of the baby seems more of a test of how they would be together than just simply babysitting in my perspective. Ever since Josie came into the picture, she has been a problem in Wendy’s marriage with Shane. I am hoping that simply this is not the cliché case. If so, there needs to be a twist because that is just boring.

Victory’s publicist setting her up to make a dress for a heavy woman without informing her first was wrong. I don’t like her publicist at all. Even when she is doing something for the good, she is so negative. Josie describing her dead dog under her bed with its eyes open was hilarious and disturbing. Awkward. I love that this episode showed people still going through conflict on a holiday and it was not a wishy washy chipper Thanksgiving episode. I expected more of Shane as far as Josie is concerned.

I am anticipating how the baby will effect Kirby and Nico. Kirby says that Nico’s honesty about the situation is the issue but I am wondering if that really is the truth or just a front for the real issue of raising a child. Hopefully they will not break up over this. Natasha Bedingfield must have a great deal with NBC because I feel like I hear a song by her every week on this show.

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