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No Weekly Reviews For:
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
– Every episode is as emotional and satisfying in the end as the one before.
The Starter Wife – I do not watch this show when it originally airs…more like when I get to it.
Ghost Whisperer – I really wish that I had time to review this but sometimes I do not watch it when it originally airs and there is no website that legally airs full episodes in time for me to add my weekly review.

Desperate Housewives – There’s Always A Woman

Susan: I brought hot wings. You’re not getting any.

I just want to say that Lynette has always been my favorite out of all of the women. Tom has been so excited about the band, which is great for him but that condom he was hiding under his foot is not so great for his marriage. He has got to tell Lynette that it was Porter’s not his or there are going to be far more bigger problems for him. I love how each parent knows one side of what is going on. The storyline for Carlos and Gabrielle with the Mrs. Virginia lady is so entertaining, so hysterical. Based on the promo for next week’s episode, it looks like Gabby should have really thought about the deal before jumping and saying yes (as anyone would).

It was so funny to see Susan go to Jackson’s place and go in the shower thinking he would be in the shower, only to find a random girl. I love the situations Susan gets put into. It never fails to make me laugh. I’m not really sure how I feel about Susan & Jackson working things out. I want Susan to be happy but I am not sure that Jackson is the one for her. We’ll see. Bree was so clever to hook up Orson’s friend with Katherine although it was funny to find out that he was a felon and not Orson’s college room mate. I cannot believe how oblivious Edie is when it comes to Dave and Karen. It was refreshing to see Karen and her sister, Roberta, even though they were discussing getting the dirt on Dave. Next week’s episode looks extra juicy, can’t wait for it!

Terminator: SCC – Brothers Of Nablus

John: She never tried to kill me.

It was only a matter of time before a Terminator in James’s image was sent back so the introduction was a “it’s about time” moment although I am glad that he was saved in a sense. There was nothing exciting going on with Sarah or Cameron this week. I really like Riley but I just do not see how far her storyline will be taken if John does not tell her who he really is. Don’t you just love when the good guys walk right past the bad guys in the supermarket? It is so suspenseful watching the terminators getting closer to John each week.

It was so awesome to see Cromartie push Jody out of the car. Thank God for great neighbors! I was screaming “No!“ when John did not pick up the phone but once Riley did for him, came my sigh of relief. I was glad Kacy gave him the message. Now if someone is as frantic as John was about getting out, I would, so Riley was being very annoying when she did not listen to John. Although Riley’s intentions were good facing up to what she did not know was a terminator, I wonder if that is what might get her killed in the future. The Derek and Jesse relationship is fine but I just wish Jesse would either go away or do what she needs to do and go away.

Towards the end when James went to go see his ex, that was great to put in. We are so into the action that we tend to forget about what was before, what keeps them sane and grounded. Is it just me or is Catherine showing more emotions than a terminator should? Just sayin.

Chuck – New Episode, “Chuck vs. The Ex” Airs Nov 10th.

One Tree Hill – Sympathy for the Devil

Nathan: Write the man the way he is. Evil.

I am tired of Sam. Just tired of her. Brooke needs to find a way to keep her in check because the little 3 weeks of being grounded would not be my only punishment for what she did. I liked the idea that Owen had to give Brooke a gift everyday but he should have re-thought the gifts. Also, I am glad the Owen storyline seems to be dying down. It is not that I do not like him, but I just don’t see him for Brooke in the end. He’s more of a temporary high than a real relationship to have invested time in. Peyton not telling Lucas about her ex is so unnecessary. This was the typical easy way out of coming up with something more. The past 2 seasons this show has gotten away with that quite a lot.

Anyway, I do not think that Peyton should feel the need to focus on negatively mixing her personal and professional life. Let the ex make the film and be cordial with him. Lucas was going to find out anyway, so better find out through Peyton back when the guys were “introduced” than through a picture Lucas found. The struggle for Lucas writing Keith’s death scene was very personal and I appreciated that this was shown. Nathan and Haley were pretty boring this episode. Near the end when Nathan was playing Slam Ball and after he got pushed through the glass, that was a great emotional moment.

The whole economics-Sam-Jamie bit was kind of a waste of what could have been some great screen time for any of the main 5. I would have personally like to have seen the scene with Lucas and Dan extended. As exciting as it was to see Gigi come back a few episodes back, I find the new side of her very annoying. I wish she could just chill out and be the friend that Mouth deserves and not the friend with benefits she thinks he wants. Millicent and Mouth go together so well!

Heroes – New Episode, “Chapter 8:Villains” Airs Nov 10th.

Samantha Who? – The Building

Dena: Those are the only reasons I have sex too…except for the guy in the plane. I have such a soft spot for co-pilots.

I loved the introduction with Sam stealing food from her parents! That was pretty funny with Sam using the perfume to fight off who she thought was a thief/killer. I didn’t know that Sam’s mom was any bit of creative although the BME Foundation was such a Mom thing to do. I loved it! Regina is such a real mom, crazy as she is. Andrea has always been a bit annoying to me so I was kind of bummed more face time was not given to Dena.

Honestly, I thought that the idea of Regina making up the real estate business with Sam was good but the whole being sisters idea was very weak. Of course I always love the flashbacks Sam has of her old self. Overall this was a good episode, but it does not stand out among the rest of the episodes as a favorite of mine.

90210 – Secrets & Lies

Naomi: So…your Dad and my Mommy doing the nasty. Are you as grossed out as I am?

It’s about time Harry & Debbie told Annie & Dixon about Harry’s son. I really love the relationship with Adrianna and Navid and can‘t wait to see where it goes. I am getting very tired of Adrianna’s hair. I know each character has a signature look but she can put her hair up once. If she has already, someone please point it out.

Funniest moment was when Annie & Ethan role played. Ethan’s Naomi made me laugh so much. Silver and Dixon’s relationship is cute but a bit boring right now. As far as the sleepover turning into an out of control party, not only is it typical but is really unnecessary. I would have much rather seen the girls having a fun night of their own turned into a heartfelt conversation which would lead to tell alls at the school in later episodes. So much for Annie being Naomi’s ring girl, I mean wing girl haha. It was nice of Silver to save Naomi the pain of seeing Annie & Ethan together although she was bound to catch them. The very end of this episode…loved it. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

House – New Episode, “The Itch” Airs November 11th.

Privileged – All About Defining Yourself

Megan: You think I’m breezy?

This show is so different from anything that is on TV right now, in such a positive way and I am very happy with the way that it is going. From the moment I saw the Pilot at the Paley Center earlier this year, I knew that I would love this show. The characters are so real. The conflicts are so real. Now getting to the actual episode, first off I have to say props for the Rock The Vote tee shirt and “I Voted” buttons. Now I really enjoyed the decision that Rose had to make to either go with her sister to see the Publicist or go to school and take a test.

All of us have been faced with major tug of war decisions so it was not only nice to see it displayed on screen but among sisters. Thanks writers for having Megan save all of her papers! I save my English papers and some of my friends think I am odd. Sage is such a smart yet dense girl. Most of the time her reasoning behind the things that she does is perfectly understandable but the way she goes about getting her point across is just so incredibly immature. I hope that both Rose and Sage realize that they can live a little without each other.

At first, I was very glad to see Laurel working with Megan on the manuscript, but just as Megan said, Laurel threw all of her work away in one click. I am furious just thinking about that. They have to find a middle ground. Megan finding out Laurel’s dirty little secret and then telling Laurel what she found was such a “I wonder what I would do” moment. The nerve of Laurel to say “Let’s see how honorable you really are.” Megan did not even have to come to her to tell her that she knew.

Unless Rose asks Megan if she knows anything that she doesn’t about her family or she has the last straw with Laurel, I really do not think that Megan will say anything. I love every episode of Privileged and this was no different. It is not one of those shows that you watch, enjoy, and forget what happened a few days later. Everything lingers with you, it gives you a lot to think about. If you are not watching this show, you need to be.

Pushing Daisies – New Episode, “Oh Oh Oh It’s Magic” Airs November 19th.

Ugly Betty – Crush’d.

Amanda: I didn‘t pay my rent a couple of times and they got so nasty about it.

I don’t know about Betty getting together with the neighbor. We knew that Amanda had money issues but getting evicted…she’s got to get her priorities together. Amanda truly is the room mate from hell, not only taking over the apartment but simply being her haha. Got to love her. Poor Betty. There are so many reasons why I love Betty’s family dynamic, but I will just save all that for the rest of the season. I always love the wardrobe for Hilda. I could never pull anything she wears off of course. Did you guys catch Marc’s bright blue pants when he was at his desk talking to Cliff?

Anyone know that song that played during the scene where everyone was trying to get on the list to the roof party? I loved the way that Wilhelmina looked at Justin when he said hi to her at the roof party. Although Wilhelmina has lightened up this season, they have shown a more…dare I say human side to her which I really enjoy but if they show too much that would not be good knowing how she has been in past seasons. She is the villain, lets keep her that way with just a touch of sincerity. Yikes for Marc and his engagement. He’s obviously not ready, although that is more scary than funny.

Well this was a decent episode. It was not full of drama/mystery which is what I really enjoy with this show, aside from the comedy that the characters Marc, Amanda, Wilhelmina, and Justin bring.

The Office – Customer Survey

Michael: Why do you always do that? Whenever I’m getting married, you don’t believe me.

The cold open…I loved Michael’s reaction to the punch & Dwight’s jump of joy – the jump cracks me up every time I watch it! I thought that Darryl willing to chip in for Michael’s therapy was quite funny and yet disturbing if it comes down to that! Wouldn’t that be a funny episode within itself, the office raising money for Michael’s therapy? Poor Kelly getting a dress she can’t afford – nothing new for her I presume but it is sad because there is no wedding for Michael. Funny she was not smart enough to save it for Jim & Pam’s wedding. I love how Michael just hangs up on people. The cold opens are the best part of this show! Ha ha ha ……Sike. Schindler’s List parody? Wow.

So I loved, loved, loved the Bluetooth conversation between Jim & Pam held throughout the entire episode. I was glad that Jim turned off the Bluetooth in the meeting with Michael, it was so realistic. How genius was the idea of Dwight & Jim role playing?! How many times can you say Mr. Buttlicker in one scene? Cracked me up! This was my favorite scene for this episode. Is it just me or is anyone else tired of the Angela and Dwight affair? That is so sad that Andy cannot see below cloud 9. I could not stop laughing at how excited Pam was to throw in her “That’s what she said.” It was nice to see Kelly more in the forefront…being Kelly of course! I was not so thrilled that she cut out Jim from the party but I can understand cutting out Dwight.

I can so picture Michael creating great quantities of guacamole… with a chef hat, apron, and an Emeril accent. Umm.. So that was awkward towards the end when Pam was given the “stay in NY” speech with Jim in her ear. Let’s see if they have their Bluetooths on all day next week.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell

Sweet Dee: Ewww no we’re going to have to work up to that though because you are crazy ugly.

I loved the gang going back in time to the 1776 setting to tell their “story” in order to become an historic landmark. You can tell they all had a lot of fun playing people in that time period, especially Glenn Howerton who plays Dennis Reynolds. It was so incredibly hilarious to still be able to see the personality in each of the characters wardrobe pieces.

Getting the lingo and the accent right was another comedic moment in this episode. You think it can’t get any funnier but guess who’s head gets blown off. Can you believe they were getting ready to tell another story all over again at the end?! Love the ending! I think the ending was better than the cold open this week. Well, can’t wait until next week!

Lipstick Jungle – Chapter 14: Let the Games Begin

Wendy: Nico, if she is so nice then why are you looking for problems?

Nico meeting Kirby’s mother was so good! This was every bit awkward as it would seem for Nico but even more because Kirby’s mom was so similar to her…from the look and shoes to the clubbing! I can understand Nico feeling uneasy about Kirby telling his mother everything but since the mom knows now she should suck it up and be satisfied that the mom likes her (even though not so much the situation).

I was ecstatic when Nico shut Kirby’s mom up at the party by telling Kirby what they were really talking about and then inviting Kirby to move in. I agree with Kirby’s mom that you should not be a passenger in your own life, but just because your boyfriend/girlfriend is successful does not mean you have to ride the back seat. It may take awhile to get to the top but there are many successful couples.

Wendy has no right to be jealous of Shane. She accomplished more than what so many long to at her old job and could have avoided being fired from that job in the first place while Shane (as far as we see) has pretty much been the struggling musician. I am so glad that Wendy told Shane about the kiss and the way that Shane reacted was normal…so let’s see where this takes them. Victory was not seen a lot in this episode and when she was it was more towards the end. The ending of this episode was brilliant. I wonder what Victory is going to do with the proposal information. Time will only tell.

Au Revoir:
I have lost interest in Fringe. The last episode I watched was “Power Hungry.” The overall plot of the show and new issues to solve every week are interesting, but it was still only a matter of time until I grew tired and bored. Every week I caught myself losing more and more interest, trying to hold onto anything exciting but I just could not. This show is just not for me and that’s okay.

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