What’s Going On With Scott Krinsky

If you are not watching Chuck (NBC) on Monday nights at 8pm then you are totally missing out. This show is entertaining in every aspect and today I am focusing on one. I enjoy every character on the show, although one really stands out. It was love at first wink with this character. Jeff, who is played by Scott Krinsky is one creepy sales guy.

We have all bumped into a “Jeff” more than a couple of times and it is just so entertaining to see this persona played out on the screen. I got the chance to sit down with Scott Krinsky on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA earlier this month to get to know more about the character, Jeff and more about Scott, himself. Enjoy!

You play Jeff on Chuck but was the original character for Jeff as creepy as you make him out to be?
Yes. The casting breakdown for Jeff was a creepy guy who was a little bit inappropriate with the customers, so he was meant to be creepy (laughs).

Your character is so much fun so is there anything difficult about getting into this character?
No, I’m so creepy. Look at me. (laughs) The casting was spot on. It’s a lot of fun to play those kind of creepy characters. I know from my experience, I think everyone can relate to going into a store and encountering people like that at any type of job where there are sales people on the floor.

Do you have a favorite quote from your character or any of the other characters?
I really like the Thanksgiving episode with the pineapple. I said my dad used to throw them at me when I was a kid. That seemed to register with a lot of fans and that was kind of fun.

Were there any pineapples on set as a joke?
There weren’t any pineapples on set that day. That would have been a little creepy and would have…scared me.

If you could be any other character from the show who would they be and why?
Maybe Captain Awesome because look at him…he’s a built, good looking guy. Maybe that is like a fantasy and I’ll come back in another lifetime as Captain Awesome.

What about this show made you want to become apart of it?
Well the work (laughs) but I worked on The OC with Josh Schwartz so the part kind of came about from working with him. He contacted me and basically offered me the role and it looked like a lot of fun.

You also played (a bit of a creepy) homeless guy on The OC!
Yeah! Let’s pretend this guy got a job all of a sudden and give him a different name and I think that’s how it all came about (laughs).

Which episode would you say was the most fun to work on?
That is such a hard question because they all are a lot of fun. The Thanksgiving episode always sticks out for me. It was Black Friday so we had the crowd rushing in and then I am cowering under the Buy more desk all scared. Plus, I think it was sort of the first time Jeff got to be emotional and scared, worried.

Can you tell us anything at all about what’s in store for Buy More and the Nerd Herd in the coming weeks?
The show is going to get more into the relationship between Morgan and Anna. We are going to learn a little bit about Jeff’s background. We are going to learn a little bit about Jeff’s past and how I came to working at Buy More. It’s interesting and fun to see Jeff back in his early days.

Do you ever visit any Chuck message boards or fan sites?
A little bit, yes. It is fun to see what people are saying about the characters. Hopefully it is always good and fun so yeah it is nice to see what the fans think.

Coming from Washington, D.C as an aspiring actor, did you always know that you wanted to move to Los Angeles or was New York an option?
I did spend a little time in NY but LA was my main focus because I hated winters back East. So I really could not wait to get out here and live where it was warm year round. I love the ocean and the beach so that sort of played into it.

The first few years that you were out here trying to make it in the entertainment business, what would you say was the hardest challenge as far as living in LA whether it has to do with auditions or just in everyday life?
It is a lot of patience and persistence. You get tested and you really have to have a lot of faith in yourself and believe in what you want to do. They say that anything is possible but it is only possible if you work hard and stick to what you believe in. At a certain point, there really wasn’t anything else that I wanted to do. This was it. I did a lot of odd jobs, I did theatre, and just stood it out.

Speaking of theatre, can we expect a musical episode of Chuck?
I don’t know. That is probably something that they have thought about. I would love to do it, so we’ll see. I would think that they would try to do that at some point.

Would you like to stick with television or continue to do both television and film?
I don’t really look at it like that. I consider myself a character actor and I am not quite a leading man. For me I just want to have fun roles, interesting characters. If it is TV or film, that doesn’t really make a difference. Hopefully I will get to do a lot of both.

As far as being a comedian, is there any topic that you will not talk about in your show?
There is nothing I really won’t talk about. I wouldn’t talk about something if there isn’t anything interesting to say about it or could not somehow make it funny. I don’t really censor myself.

Have you encountered many hardships in your life and turned them into comic relief or do you take inspiration from everyday experiences?
As any performer or artist, you draw from your whole life. All of your experiences, good or bad, the memories are part of you. I draw from them all and try not to forget anything because that is who I am.

As far as writing goes, what genre would you like to get into sharing?
I don’t see myself really getting into journalism as a career. I like to write my stand up and I have some ideas for scripts and shows. Those always tend to be comedy or dark comedy.

IMDB says that you majored in communications and broadcast journalism in college, but were those always the majors you were going to choose?
In college I definitely had the acting bug and the desire to perform. I was sort of the class clown, always getting trouble in high school. Sometimes you think some of the things that you really want to do are your dreams and fantasies but you have to be practical. So I think journalism was being more practical. I am very interested in journalism. I watch CNN and the news constantly and I love to read newspapers. I think that is what I studied because that is what I thought was more practical. Ultimately I ended up following my dreams. At a certain point when you get out of college and working, you think “Well what do I really want to do with the rest of my life,” you have to make a decision.

You also went to school for culinary arts, so what is your favorite dish to make?
Anything with chocolate. That is my addiction, I am a chocoholic. A chocolate layer cake, chocolate cupcakes… I like baking, I love sweets, and I love chocolate.