Fall TV Previews: Fringe, Terminator, 90210, Privileged, And More

Yesterday night and tonight I had the pleasure of attending the TV Guide Fall TV Previews at the Paley Center in the Beverly Hills. Last night, the pilots for the new comedy Do Not Disturb and the drama, Fringe were shown. Also, the season premiere of Terminator SCC was shown. Tonight, the pilots for 90210 and Privileged were shown. A handful of crew & cast members attended for a short panel before the showings. I did not take photos the first day, I didn’t know that we could take photos at the time.

I had walked in late to the Fringe panel at Comic Con, so to see the pilot now and understand what was being talked about at Comic Con then…it all makes sense haha. Anyway, as for Fringe…it was so much better than I had imagined it to be. Of course with J.J. Abrams name tied to the show how could it not be amazing right? But I just did not know that it would be SO good. It’s not only drama, it’s pretty hilarious too. No doubt about it that you should tune in for Fringe this Fall!

Do Not Disturb is a cute, funny half hour show. It is nothing that I would go crazy over if I missed an episode. For a half hour comedy, the characters and story lines are actually very well developed which I really like.

Terminator SCC was AMAZING. Pilot vs. this season premiere, I choose this season premiere. I can’t wait for more! Season 1 started off with a bang and slowly each week lost my interest but boy have they got me hooked again with this season premiere. If this season premiere is any indicator of how incredibly season 2 will be…you know I cannot wait to tune in every single week!

Tonight, 90210 and Privileged were screened.

I do not understand why 90210 was screened since it already premiered this week, but it was still nice to see again. Things I hadn’t noticed the first time watching it, I noticed now and I really enjoyed it as its own entity.

The pilot for Privileged was very well put together. The writing, directing, editing…everything about it was very well done and thought out. That being said… this show has the potential to be a mega hit OR it could be cancelled after its order is up. It all depends on how they continue to build the story lines and characters because the foundation is perfect, so if they know what they are doing, it can be a big hit.