The Everlife Interview

On August 12, 2008 I had the chance to interview sisters, Sarah, Julia, and Amber, who make up the band, Everlife! Let’s jump right into it!

Melody: So, what’s in the name, Everlife? Where did this come from?

Sarah: Well, we actually had a different name when we started 11 years go. And then when we moved to Nashville 5 years ago we decided to change it. It was a crazy long time before we thought of it, about 6 months. It was actually our mom that thought of Everlife. We were sitting there thinking of something that would really describe the three of us. Mom goes ‘ how about Everlife. It’s another word for “eternity” and then it stuck!

Melody: Tell me, how would each of you describe each other‘s personalities?

Amber: I would say Julia is our comedic relief. She always knows exactly what to say to make us laugh when we’re tired or just down in general. She also can be really serious though, and determined and focused. Sarah is definitely the business one of the three of us. She’s really good with people, has a strong personality. She’s stubborn (smiles) but most times is pretty happy.

Sarah: Amber is very creative, funny and she keeps me and Julia in line. (smiles) We tend to do crazy things at times and Amber is our voice of reason. Julia is, like Amber said, the funny one. She really knows exactly what to say and do to make me crack up! I love it. She is extremely creative as well and loves to help people.

Julia: I think Sarah and Amber both are funny too. They have their moments and its hilarious. Amber is always taking care of us but there are times that Sarah and I get to take care of her too and it’s nice. She’s supportive and loving and full of life. Sarah is assertive and stubborn (smiles) and also carefree and eccentric!

Melody: Now as far as musical culture and having lived in both PA and TN, which would you say is a better fit for each of you?

Amber: Pennsylvania honestly doesn’t have a lot to offer as far as music is involved. There is an amazing symphony in Pittsburgh and also a lot of oldies doo wop singers, but as far as rock n’ roll, not so much. So I’d have to say that Nashville was definitely a great place for us to move. We learned so much about the music industry and songwriters and producers. There are just so many opportunities here.

Melody: Okay, so here’s where we get deep. As Christians, how do you stay on top in such a business that can break you just as fast as it can make you? How has being a Christian helped you stay true to yourselves?

Sarah: I can’t imagine where we’d be if it weren’t for our faith in Christ. We have gone through so many hard times and good times, but knew through it all that God was controlling our steps and leading the way. He is our breath, our song, the reason we sing. Without Him we wouldn’t be where we are today, or where we’ll be in 10 years! Loving our Jesus has kept us alive.

Melody: Okay, now what would you say is the most important aspect of being a songwriter?

Julia: We have always worked hard as far as songwriting is concerned, but recently we have been exploring songwriting on our own as individuals and I think it has been amazing for us! Because then we can come together and show each other what we wrote and then work on it from there. There is something so passionate about words that you have penned on paper. It’s like we’re writing our deepest thoughts and desires on paper and sharing them with the world! Songwriting can be a scary thing, but its amazing!

Melody: We all know you have covered The Veronicas with “I Could Get Used To This,“ but what others songs would you like to cover?

Sarah: We also cover “What I Like About You” by The Romantics and “Wheel in the Sky” by Journey. We are always looking for new ideas as far as covers are concerned, so write us and let us know what you think we should sing!

Melody: Cool! Speaking of cool…what was the best part about being on the Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Tour?

Julia: The best part about being on that tour was being able to hang out with Miley. She’s like our little sister, the whole Cyrus family is amazing! So just being able to spend time with her was awesome. And also, it was incredible to get back up on those stages in the sold out arenas!! After the Cheetah Girls tour in 06, 07, we didn’t know if we would have a chance to tour arenas again. So we were extremely blessed!

Melody: Out of all of your Disney star peers, who would you say each of you have become the closest to?

All: I think for all of us it would be B5, Jump5 and Miley Cyrus. They have been amazing friends and now are like our family. We love them all more than words.

Melody: That’s so nice! So when can we expect to hear new music and what can you say about the sounds of what you are recording now?

All: We just posted a new demo real on our Myspace, so check it out! We’re excited about the new songs. They’re more real, more raw than before. Really us, Amber, Sarah and Julia. We’re stoked!!

Melody: Sounds awesome. Now I noticed Sarah, your nickname is “Sarita” so Amber & Julia, what are yours?

Sarah: Amber hasn’t really ever had a nickname (laughs) and we call Julia “Jewels.” Mine came from a mission trip we took to Costa Rica. The translators called “Sarita,” which means ‘little Sarah’ and it stuck (smiles).

Melody: Do each of you have a safe haven where you are at your most creative point?

Amber: I love being alone in my house, in my husband and I’s music room, with my acoustic guitar and a notebook. That’s my safe place.
Sarah: I am most creative when I’m outside, with nature. On a hill or under the stars. I love it
Julia: My room has always been my safe haven.

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