San Diego Comic Con 2008

As usual, San Diego Comic Con did not disappoint!

I met someone that I really admire, Kristin Dos Santos (E!). That was AWESOME.

As for the panels…amazing – it’s why I go to Comic Con! Here are some pictures I took from some of the panels I went to:

The Cast of Twilight

Scott Patterson (Luke on Gilmore Girls)

Dakota Fanning, Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Ludacris

Frank Miller + Cast of The Spirit

Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Frank Miller

Justin Long

Seth Rogen

Hugh Jackmen

Alexa Vega & Paris Hilton promoting Repo

Cast of Terminator:TSCC

Cast of Pushing Daisies

Writers and actors, BJ & Mindy & Rainn of The Office


Wes Craven

What a great year! I had a BLAST! Ah! I love Comic Con!