One Tree Hill Hits 100th Episode

Next Tuesday, One Tree Hill will air its 100th episode! Congratulations! One Tree Hill has been a favorite show of mine since the first moment I saw it. As a writer, I look up to Mark Schwahn and all of the writing staff that have been involved with the show since its start.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with all of the story lines intertwined so perfectly. All of the characters have been created so delicately, so vulnerable, so real. The paths that are taken among the main characters show the positive and negative, not just what we want to see. That is so refreshing. Then, at the end of season 4, when many were unsure if skipping the college years for season 5 would be a smart idea, I had faith. Look how far this show has come and it’s still amazing.

Thanks to everyone who is a part of making One Tree Hill, all the fans for keeping it going, and Mark, for giving back to the fans in so many ways. Thanks and Congratulations on making it to the 100th episode! To 100 and many more!