Big Brother 9 Madness

Wow. The best episode of Big Brother 9 aired tonight.

It all went down during the 2nd half. Allison & Ryan were evicted by a vote of 3-0 (yay!) but as if that weren’t enough, the BIG TWIST came when Allison & Ryan couldn’t open the door to leave! Allison was jumping up and down and so excited that she wasn’t leaving until she heard what the twist was. Ha!

Julie then announced that Big Brother is no longer “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Whoaaaaaaaaa. Oh My Goodness.

Everyone voted Allison out over Ryan…and for good reason. Au revoir Allison.

I didn’t think it would happen but it’s about time! They are playing as individuals now!!! As it should be but what a twist. I really thought they would be couples until the end. Then, it only got better.

Ryan & Adam were the final two playing for HOH and Ryan won! I kind of wish Adam had won so Sheila would have been voted out next week but Ryan will do fine.

The best part was when Julie announced that the audience could go online and vote for one of the evicted couples to come back! Jacob, Jen, Parker, Amanda, Alex or Allison will be returning!!! It better not be Jen or Allison. I really want Alex to return.

We shall see!!!

Vote for Alex on Big Brother now.