Betty Bites Back

BETTY BITES BACK: STORIES TO SCARE THE PATRIARCHY Edited by Mindy McGinnis, Demitria Lunetta, and Kate Karyus Quinn

Behind every successful man is a strong woman… but in these stories, she might be about to plant a knife in his spine. The characters in this anthology are fed up – tired of being held back, held down, held accountable – by the misogyny of the system. They’re ready to resist by biting back in their own individual ways, be it through magic, murder, technology, teeth, pitfalls and even… potlucks. Join sixteen writers as they explore feminism in fantasy, science-fiction, fractured fairy-tales, historical settings, and the all-too-familiar chauvinist contemporary world.

Introduction by the Editors

The news in the past few years has been full of women – nasty women, angry women, persistent women, women in pink knitted hats. There’s been pushback, but there’s also been overwhelming support. With this anthology we wanted to add our own encouragement. This collection of sixteen tales comes from writers who picked up their pens to add their words to the resistance. 

You’re helping, too. By buying this book – and reading it – you’re allowing our words to find a space inside your head, to plant a seed, and to offer a different perspective. We hope you enjoy these tales, but more importantly, we hope they make you think about the position of women in the world, how our everyday lives are different from a man’s – and in many ways, even different from each other’s experiences.

We all have our own tale. A cat-call. An unwanted touch. A joke at the water cooler… and those are just the micro-aggressions. Other stories make the news. But we’re making our own headlines now, with marches, demonstrations and – in our own small way – this book.

Thank you for joining us as we bite back. 

Stories By:
Liz Coley
Shannon Green
Elaine Griffin
Lindsey Klingele
Kamerhe Lane
Jenna Lehne
Demitria Lunetta
Emilee Martell
Tracie Martin
Cori McCarthy
Kyrie McCauley
Mindy McGinnis
Kate Karyus Quinn
Melody Simpson
Amanda Sun

Release Date: September 16, 2019

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