Podcasts Blast: What I’m Listening To

With the popularity of Serial last fall, I’ve been inspired to write a roundup of podcasts on my radar. You may remember last January when I mentioned podcasts in my fandoms roundup. Allow me to elaborate. First, with the podcasts that I first listened to but are no longer running and then with what’s on my iPhone today!

* The 10th Wonder Podcast
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to the NBC show, Heroes in July 2008. It’s one of the first podcasts I started listening to so you can imagine how excited I was when I met the hosts, Derek, Graham, and Joe at San Diego Comic Con one day in line…after recognizing their voices behind me! Ha!

Update: Graham has informed me that the podcast is coming back when Heroes Reborn premieres! YAAASSSS!!!! Stay in the know here!

* The Office Alliance Podcast
I started listening to this podcast, dedicated to the NBC show, The Office in July 2008 and even included them in a fall 2008 blog post which you may or may not remember. This podcast was great while it lasted, which is not as long as the show did.

* The CW Source Podcast
I listened to this podcast from September 2008-February 2010 and it’s a shame this podcast was so short lived because I really enjoyed it as the two co-hosts talked about all of the current shows on The CW.

* Gleek Squad Podcast
I created and ran the this podcast in 2009. This was the first podcast dedicated to the show, Glee. My co-hosts were my friends, Tressa and Julia who I became friends with through the Voices for Rent message board and Christy after we put a call out for anyone interested in co-hosting. We had a blast but it’s not easy podcasting with 2 people on the East coast, 1 person on the West coast, and 1 person on the East & West coast. Sadly, due to time constraints, we brought this podcast to an end but we had such a great time and I have such fond memories! We got to interview many of the cast members and even cover the Glee mall tour. Great opportunities came from the podcast but more importantly, I made lifelong friends out of my co-hosts and I am so thankful for the experience!

* Imprint Podcast
I started listening to this podcast, dedicated to the book series and movie franchise of Twilight in October 2008. The fan site was Twilightsource.com which is no longer running today but I absolutely loved this podcast because I could hook into the fandom on a levelheaded manner and I could just listen in peace and not have to interact with over the top Twihards anyone who has attended a Twilight event knows about. The group of people who hosted this podcast were fantastic and I wish I remembered their names so I could follow what they’re doing now. I still remember this one episode in particular where the podcast was invited to an intimate interview session with Stephenie Meyer at a theater in Hollywood with a handful of other Twilight fan sites and podcasts. That interview remains my favorite of all of Stephenie’s interviews. It stripped away the fan factor and was the truest display of a genuine, lovely conversation between a creator and a reader. It was great. This whole podcast was great.

* Echo Alert Podcast
This was hosted by Andrew & Frank and it was dedicated to the show, Dollhouse which I loved! The show began airing in the fall of 2009 but the podcast began months earlier as we all counted down to the show’s premiered. Actually, I loved their interviews with actress, Miracle Laurie so much that I reached out to her in 2011 for an interview of my own. So thanks Echo Alert for inadvertenly encouraging me to reach out to Miracle! This is one of the few podcasts I’ve listened to from the very beginning and I enjoyed it very much! Their podcasts tended to run on the long end but I had time to listen so I didn’t mind.

* Leverage 10 Podcast
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to the TNT show, Leverage October 2012. What’s great about this podcast is that it’s for the fans by the writers of the show!!! I can’t thank John Rogers enough for taking the time out to do this for every episode and even doing a Q&A now for every episode of his new show, The Librarians on his blog which you can check out here.

* Authors Are Rockstars Podcast
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to interviews with YA authors in May 2012. This was such a fun podcast! I wish this podcast were still running but the great part is that the website is still up so I can always go back to old episodes that I didn’t get a chance to listen to whenever I feel like reminiscing!

The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack
I discovered The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack on the same day that I discovered The 10th Wonder Podcast in July 2008 so I will always be very fond of these two podcasts. What’s great about this podcast though is that even though Lost is over, Jay & Jack still podcast today. I also remember listening to their other podcasts (which are no longer), The V Podcast with Jay and Jack dedicated to the ABC show, V, FlashForwardCast with Jay and Jack dedicated to the ABC show, Flash Forward, and ChuckCast with Jay and Colleen (Jay’s then girlfriend, now wife) dedicated to the NBC show, Chuck. (Remember this, Chuck fans?) What I especially love about Jay, Jack, and Colleen is that they host an Annual Autism Speaks Podcast where they podcast for 12 hours straight, live with interviews from the Lost fandom including Lost actor, Jorge Garcia. You may remember me posting about it before and one of these years, I’m going to head down there to watch it all go down live and show my support. Until then, it’s been great tuning in each year for the special broadcast!

TV Times Three
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to all things TV in May 2009. Jason, Rae, and Amrie originally hosted this podcast but now it’s mostly Jason and a rotation of other TV fans. Amrie from My Take on TV was one of the first TV bloggers I became friends with when I first started blogging. I believe we first met on the set visit for USA’s White Collar which is funny because I actually found her blog through another person’s blog who linked to hers in a post detailing a Veronica Mars set visit they were invited to. I actually don’t even follow that blog anymore haha but I love Amrie’s and enjoy her when she makes an appearance on this podcast. I admit, I don’t listen to this podcast regularly anymore but I do continue to follow the TV blogs of Jason and Amrie.

I started listening to this podcast dedicated to all things Harry Potter in the summer/fall of 2008. So, 3 years late I think jumping into this podcast from the fan site, The Leaky Cauldron but I love this podcast which has technically ended but they do come out with new episodes on rare special occasions.

Pop My Culture
I started listening to this podcast when it started in March 2010. I remember finding this podcast and being SO excited that I found an awesome podcast from the very first episode! It’s one of my favorite podcasts and my wish is that one day Vanessa will meet Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olsen!

Steve Glosson
I started listening to the SkyNext Podcast (RIP), dedicated to the Fox show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in October 2008, Geek Out Loud, an all thinks geek podcast in June 2009, Big Honkin’ Steve, a general Saturday morning podcast in December 2009, Round 3 with Steve & Derek (RIP) in June 2010, and Matchless Cast (RIP) in December 2010. If you’re looking for a good laugh, subscribe to Geek Out Loud and stay tuned to Big Honkin’ Steve because those episodes are live and then posted on iTunes. You’re welcome.

Creative Screenwriting Podcast now known as The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith
I mentioned this podcast in my Screenwriting Expo 2008 blog post, a few months after I started listening to the podcast so I’m a longtime listener but I do only listen to episodes I’m interested in.

Comic News Insider
I started listening to this podcast which needs no explanation in May 2009 and I admit, I don’t listen often but I enjoy it when I do.

Girls in the Stacks
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to YA book talk in May 2012. I listened for a few months but found that I prefer the blog more so I don’t listen anymore but in looking them up again, it seems the podcast name has changed to Mystical Lit Lounge if you’re interested in checking them out!

Sword and Laser
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy books in November 2012 but I only listen to episodes I’m interested in and I think I’m going to take strides to listen to all episodes as they release in the new year and become a more serious listener.

Intersect Podcast
I started listening to this podcast, dedicated to interviews with authors in February 2013. I only listen to the episodes of authors I’m familiar with and I’m completely okay with that.

Writing Excuses
I started listening to this podcast, a rapid fire writers advice podcast in May 2013. I love this podcast! It’s hosted by Dan Wells (Partials), which is who I found the podcast through, Brandon Sanderson (Firefight), Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler. If you are a writer, you must subscribe to this podcast! Talk about a Godsend.

This Creative Life with Sara Zarr
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to interviews with YA authors in November 2013 and have been an avid listener ever since. As soon as a new episode appears, I dive right in.

Nerdist Writers Panel
I started listening in December 2013 and am woefully behind but am making strides to catch up! There’s just so much to soak in from each episode from these screenwriters and authors. I like taking my time with these podcasts but I need to kick my listening into high gear so the number of podcasts that are unplayed can go down for realsies.

First Draft with Sarah Enni
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to interviews with authors (mainly YA) in September 2014 and have loved every minute of it! Great content here. YA writers, this is a must listen.

Harper Audio Presents
I started listening to this podcast dedicated to interviews with authors, audio book narraters, etc… in December 2014. I’ve only listened to one episode and as it stands, I’ll only be listening to episodes I’m interested in.

Jillian Michaels
I started listening to this podcast in May 2011 and have learned SO much since then wow. When I’m consistent with listening to the podcast & applying what I’ve learned, eating right, and working out with her DVDs, magic happens!!!

Nerdist Industries
I started listening April 2012 but I still have old episodes that I need to listen to. I can never seem to stay on top of this podcast but it is great!

Psycho Babble with Tyler Oakley
I started listening September 2014 when the podcast was launched and love it! Who better a person to talk pop culture than Tyler Oakley?

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
I started listening September 2014 when this podcast was launched but I only listen to the episodes that have special guests that I’m interested in hearing from. The podcast is alright but Grace is a much more entertaining YouTuber than podcaster.

Joyce Meyer
I started listening to the radio podcast episodes in November 2010. I remember listening to her programs on the radio in the car when I was a kid and watching her TV programs as I got older and it’s kind of full circle now listening to her messages through a podcast instead. The TV segments are available in podcast form but I watch those when I can instead.

Mosaic Podcast
I started listening November 2010. This is the church I went to when I lived in LA and plan to go to when I move back (whenever that is). It’s great that I don’t have to miss a single message in the meantime. They also live stream their Sunday services at Mosaic.org which are 9:30am (12:30pm ET), 11:30am (2:30pm ET), 6pm (9pm ET), and 8pm (11pm ET) so if I don’t catch it live, the podcast is there. Basically, they are extremely accessible which I love!

Joel Osteen
I started listening January 2012 and am so glad that I finally did! It’s weird because before I started listening to the podcast, I could never watch his programs. I don’t know, I just never felt connected. But now after listening to the podcast, I’ve actually started watching their live streaming services as well, Sundays at 8:30am (9:30am ET), 11am (12pm ET) & 7pm (8pm ET). They also live stream their Wednesday and Saturday services but I have yet to check those out.

* Stuff You Should Know
* The Moth
* Chicks Who Script
* Children of Tendu
* Just Us Geeks
* Defective Geeks
* Comic Geek Speak
* Nerd Fu
* Clear Eyes, Full Shelves

Do you listen to any of the podcasts above? If so, which ones? Are there any podcasts not on this list that you’d recommend? If so, which ones?

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